Yoga tour in Abrau-Dyurso

From 29th April to 5th may (7 days) — yoga-tour for everyone with any level of training. From 6 to 12 (7 days) — retreat for future and current instructors, as well as experienced practitioners.

Friendly staff “Abrau — the Territory of yoga” invites You to the may yoga tour in the place which is rightly called the “Pearl of Russia” — Abrau-Dyurso.

The goal of our journey — yoga in places of Power, deepening skills for managing energy my body and the emotional and physical reboot.

Each of the stages includes a 7 day intensive, practice in places of Power and beautiful lakes, the interaction with the five basic elements, special diet. Intensive and informative during the workshop you will walk the path, equal to several months.

Abrau-Durso is a stunningly beautiful, powerful and mystical place!

Sea, sun, mountains, warm climate, mountain lakes, magnificent natural landscape, wild vegetation, vineyards growing on the slopes — it’s a great place to relax from the hustle and bustle, to be alone with nature, relax your mind and immerse yourself in the practice, breathing in the clean mountain air and filled with the energy of the sun.

In the yoga center Abrau equipped with a special platform to practice with amazing views, and also has the necessaryequipment for practice . including mats, bricks, belts and blankets.

Tour description

Lake “Abrau” — the most beautiful lake Abrau-Durso. Nestled between the mountain ranges, shimmering in the sunlight with all shades of turquoise lake “Abrau” illuminates the surrounding area is unbelievable picturesque paints a surreal order. Stunning sunsets and sunrises on the lake as any other medication can cure the people from unnecessary worldly hustle and bustle. That’s why this place is popular among many lovers of meditation practice, here nature itself helps balance energy in the body to achieve emotional balance and harmony.

Zhivopisnyj in the vicinity of air Museum there is a “Lake of lotuses”. In Buddhism, the Lotus symbolizes spiritual revelation, wisdom and Nirvana. The flower is dedicated to the “Jewel of the Lotus”, the Buddha who appeared from the Lotus in the form of flame. The Lotus is a image of purity and perfection: growing from mud, it remains pure – just as Buddha is born into this world.

Trekking to the place of practice rhythmic breathing while walking — Agranovskaya. Morning practice awakening: energodynamics and streaming the sequence of asanas, practice of dhāraṇā (meditative practices);

Lunch — from 11.00 to 14.00

In my free time: taking sun and air baths. On the territory of Abrau-Dyurso you can visit the Spa, take a sauna, or go horseback riding around the neighborhood, ride a Quad bike. For participants with children organized a children’s room where you can safely leave your children and take time out for yourself.

Evening class — 16.00

Streaming 2-3 hours of practice of asanas, corresponding to the particular elements, combined with Hanoi and pranayam (meditation);

Dinner – 19.00 c-20.00

The price includes use of the swimming pool on the Estate “Round lake”, a children’s room;

Transfer from place of arrival to the venue and back by yourself.

For an additional fee you can visit: Spa-center, Russian bath, horse riding in the surrounding countryside, Quad Biking. helicopter tours, and boat trips on the yacht.

The cost of each stage is 15 000 rubles.

For regular participants of our events and group discounts.

To get to the venue of the retreat in several ways:

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