Unique lakes of the Nizhniy Novgorod region

In the Nizhny Novgorod region there are at least three hundred natural lakes, and that’s not counting the hundreds of oxbow river and numerous artificial water bodies (ponds, reservoirs, flooded quarries). The most famous group of lakes include lakes Kamsko – Bakaldin group of Balakhna, Volodarsky, In, Pavlovian, Sosnovo, Ahtopolska, Pustynsky, etc. there are Many separate amazing lakes which are nice to visit, to relax from the urban bustle, to swim, to fish, to settle on their shores for the night, etc.

In this photo report presents the most picturesque and unique (in my opinion) of lake Nizhny Novgorod region. no doubt, in the Nizhny Novgorod region there are many other noteworthy lakes, which means that this list can be continued.

The lake is Big Platovo ( Kamsko-Bakaldin group of lakes) is The largest, most scenic and most surprising – almost inaccessible to transport the lake in the heart of the taiga, between the rivers Kerzhenets and Vetluga Nizhny Novgorod region:

Lake Kutyrevo (Vachsky district) There is the legend that the banks of this lake was defeated a detachment of Pugachev, and its shores are buried treasures. The lake is very deep and extremely picturesque

Lake Key (Goscinski Holy) (Pavlovsky district). The uniqueness of lake that it consists entirely transparent, astonishingly blue water. Into the lake flows into a large underground river Suring, which flows out of the lake on the surface

Lake Ijevskoe (Volodarsky district). This lake owes its origin unknown to the ancient river flowing from melting glacier Moscow (mitogenome). In the photo to see the high opposite Bank.

View mitaine (formed by ancient glacial river) lake Ijevskoe and Long with natural elevation of the outcrop (Kama) glacial moraines of mount Command. Volodarsky district.

The lake is Big Martysheva (Volodarsky district). Extraordinarily beautiful lake with boggy and sucked Plavinas banks formed from floating moss and peat. When you walk on them they are very simple machines.

Flooded alabaster quarry near the village of Filinskaja (Vachsky district). Surprisingly clean and clear water. Huge beds of pink alabaster amazingly beautiful, to go into the water with them is very convenient that it is a particular joy to local kids.

Kamenetskoe Sea (acting quarry mining limestone near the village of Kamenashi Buturlin district). Many who first see this picture, do not believe that such stone shore can be in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Depth at the coast reaches six meters.

Lake Deryabino (Lyskovsky area). One of the picturesque lakes of the taiga Kamsko-Bakaldin group.

Lake Svetloyar is legendary and perhaps the most famous Nizhny Novgorod lake ( Voskresensky district). Surely everyone has heard legends about him in the sunken city of Kitezh.

Lake Wareh (Volodarsky district). The lake about 10 thousand years. Formed after the last glaciation. The uniqueness of the lake is that the thickness of the peat layer surrounding the deepest swamps of the same name in the Nizhny Novgorod region and reaches six meters. It is particularly valuable for the fact that it miraculously was not affected by peat.

Lake Irzak-Deep (Arzamas district). Amazing karstic lake on the right Bank of the Volga. Surrounding the lake the landscape (high sand dunes, covered by Plavinas bog, on which grow a lot of cranberries) are very atypical for the Nizhny Novgorod region. It seems that this lake is somewhere in Western Siberia, not in Central Russia. The lake is very deep.

The Lake Sand . Picturesque and hard-to-reach lake in the middle of Kamsko-Bakaldin group of lakes of the taiga interfluves of the rivers Kerzhenets and Vetluga.

The lake is Big (Desert) Ardatov district (Ahtopolska lake). The lake is known for its floating Islands. Many hundreds of years growing near the shores plavina overgrown with forest, and a few pieces of it were torn off by the wind. Islands really float. When you walk by them, strongly swaying, and a strong wind can drift across the lake. In the photo one of these Islands, temporarily moored to the shore.

Udskoe the lake . Unique monument of nature of the Nizhny Novgorod region. Favorite place to dive Nizhny Novgorod divers. Extremely cold and clear water from flowing into the lake the underground river, the mouth of which forms Vadskoy vaklino. Such lakes in the world only a few. Unfortunately, the huge funnel of a flowing underground river in recent years has fallen and split into several branches.

Lake Home Or Office . Another picturesque and very remote (especially after the fires of 2010), the lake interfluve of the rivers Kerzhenets and Vetluga (Kamsko-Bakaldin group of lakes). Along the banks are large cranberry marshes. Water coming from dry sand dunes are located not less than 150 metres.

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