Unique lake Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool (Hamilton Pool) – ground and underground lake in North America. Is located about 37 km West of Austin, Texas (USA).

The lake is very beautiful, but also unusual in that it represents at the same time ground and underground lake. The underground part of Hamilton Pool is located under a huge stone arch, disappearing deep into the rock mass. Final touch to this scenery is the waterfall, ronaldi its waters from a height of 15 meters.

The lake was formed thousands of years ago as a result of collapse of the limestone dome of an underground river due to massive erosion. Water underground rivers flow into the river flowing nearby Pedernales (Pedernales river), which, in turn, is a tributary of the Colorado river (Colorado).

Interesting that the water of the underground river that feeds the lake flow into the river Pedernales, and the last is a tributary of the famous Colorado river. So lake Hamilton Pool is associated with the Colorado river.

Hamilton pool is relatively small, its area is less than one square kilometer, but the small size is artfully offset by the incredible beauty of the surrounding landscapes. On the perimeter of the pool are huge slabs of limestone, and from the height of the grotto falling streams of water, which people call a waterfall. In the waters of this fabulous lake is home to manysmall turtles and fish.

Literally everything is blooming here and even a set of Poros green with moss, maidenhair (fern), mountain juniper and dotted with burrows rocky swallows, and the boundaries of the water you can stumble upon small trees and sprawling bushes, and made our way to the light through the cracks in the rocks.

Back in the 60-ies this place was a favorite spot of Austin residents, and local youth together with jets waterfall loved to jump in the lake, but that was earlier, now it is strictly prohibited. Moreover, even swimming in Hamilton Pool is not always possible, but only when it allows the monitoring of water quality. And recently the management of this natural reserve was reduced visiting the Park, it now runs up to 18 hours. The rules of the reserve it is forbidden to mountain Biking, the presence on its territory dogs or other Pets, camping, bonfires, and cooking.

It is worth noting that to get to this lake is possible only on foot. You can leave your car at the entrance of the reserve, passing the 400-meter descent on a slope, a person is in the lake Hamilton Pool, where he literally get Ko’d fabulous scenery and extraordinary air.

The fact that this is an incredibly beautiful lake confirm the submitted photos, however, it is worth noting that they do not convey the beauty and uniqueness of saturating a lake Hamilton Pool (Hamilton Pool). This lake can safely be called “one of the most beautiful”, so if you have the means and time, be sure to visit the nature reserve Hamilton Pool Preserve, you’ll be surprised and happy!

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