Trip to lake Ritsa Abkhazia

Lake Ritsa is one of the most famous attractions of Abkhazia, where every year thousands of tourists visit. Despite the fact that lakes in Abkhazia huge amount, Ritsa is the most visited and famous. I remember my first visit to this picturesque place, which he had left in memory very vivid impression.

We left from Agudzery early in the morning to arrive to the location, to the main stream of tourists in solitude to enjoy the view. Since the lake lies at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level, go towards the lake Ritsa for a long time and all the time outside of car pass fabulous scenery that I remembered again and again on cold winter evenings.

The maximum depth of the lake Ritsa about 131 meters, a coastline of about 7 km, with an area of about 1.3 sq. km it is Situated among beautiful mountains 2200-3200m metres above sea level. If you look closely, on the slopes of the mountains you can see the striations of fallen avalanches of giant pine trees that are as impressive as the mountains and the lake, there is a very acute power of nature.

The road to Ritsa lake, Abkhazia passes through mountain gorge along the mountain river Bzyb. By the way there are not less famous attractions, such as Blue lake, where you should definitely rest and take pictures. If you go by car, pay attention to signs prohibiting Parking so as not to lose time and money.

By the way there will be a large number of beautiful places worth a stop to take photographs, such views are not common, so the memory on the camera it is better not to regret what I was doing.

To the lake we drove up first, and we had 30 minutes of pleasure until the moment when they began to drive tour buses, and the observation deck was like an anthill happy tourists who never tired of admiring the view.

For those who will entertain Vadik. Excursion to lake Ritsa is available and guests Agudzery. Almost every day off sightseeing bus, which will visit the lake and see the other attractions of Abkhazia.

Stalin’s dacha on lake Riza

Exactly opposite the observation platform on the other side of the lake Ritsa is Stalin’s dacha, where you can get on a tour and to travel in time, walking on the tracks, where he was the Supreme Commander, Smoking his pipe. If you will have the opportunity to visit Stalin’s dacha, do not hesitate, it’s worth it!

And if you look up from the lake, leaving Stalin’s dacha on the left side, you can get to a healing mineral spring Aadhar that their properties are known far beyond Abkhazia. Higher up, you already get to Alpine meadows where you can sit in tents or rent a guest house on the slope. It offers horseback riding to the mountain lake “MSI”, where definitely worth a visit to anyone who could climb so high, because the ridge is already a border with Russia.

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