Tickets to Switzerland

Sunny meadows and crystal clear lakes, picturesque rivers and snowy peaks on the horizon – tickets to Switzerland are starting to pay off already at the moment when the plane was landing, and the spirit rapidly captures the beauty of local nature. It quickly becomes clear that with the same ease of this small Western European country has managed to shock the visitors by the thoughtfulness of the urban environment, stunning architecture, good museums and is rich in culinary delights of the national cuisine. Tourists come here with a kind of idyllic picture in my mind that during the trip, only complemented by new shades of impressions, with absolutely no changes at all in fact: Switzerland is most similar to the fairy Kingdom, which Alps and the Jura mountains reliably protect from all the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

What to see and do in Switzerland

In this country, divided into Autonomous cantons with their own laws and Constitution, intertwine the best German, Italian and French national characteristics. A small area has not prevented the proud and freedom-loving Switzerland, skillfully using its advantageous geographical position in Central Europe, maintaining neutrality and not taking part in armed conflicts for centuries, to be among the richest and developed countries of the world. Swiss banks, watches, cheese and chocolate have long become powerful brands that every day enhance the image of this fabulous Alpine state.

The majority of the country is occupied by the mountain chains and peaks of different degrees of inaccessibility that attracts mountaineers, rock climbers and outdoorsmen of all ages and of all levels of training. Beautiful views, well maintained trails, and improved service quality have become a visiting card of the famous ski resorts of Zermatt, SaaS-fee, Leukerbad and St. Moritz.

To argue with the beauty of steep slopes can unless Swiss lakes: Grand Geneva lake and azure lake Brienz related to several cantons of Lucerne, the lake, the border with Italy at Lago Maggiore and Lugano, – an attempt to see or even to enumerate all the magnificent lakes, mountain rivers, waterfalls and national parks are doomed to failure.

However, cute, impregnated the medieval warmth of the city deserve no less attention. In cosmopolitan Geneva is a good half of all headquarters of international organizations of the WTO, the UN and the red cross, and a number of museums, theatres and art galleries brings free time to zero. Zurich masterfully combines the status of a key currency markets and financial centers in the world with white houses, tiny squares, majestic cathedrals and churches neat. Berne chamber with like the scenery of the narrow streets and ancient bridges, Basel with luxury waterfront and towers of red brick, Lausanne resort with unique views of lake Geneva – modest area of the country did not affect the variety and flavor of the local cities.

Switzerland is easily able to win the hearts came here once tourists who quickly realize that it is now selling the plans predefined for years to come. People are excited to return to these amazing places to try in store breathe in the unique Alpine air, to score before the failure of the memory card photos breathtaking natural beauties and stock up on another portion of bright impressions about the local culture and traditions.

When to come

The local climate varies greatly depending on the altitude and the Swiss landscape boasts an impressive range of vegetation from palm trees to Alpine mosses and lichens, but in General in Switzerland is comfortable in any season, but a strong heat, as, however, and extreme cold are rare. Skiers will be able to easily find a good resort throughout the year, and nature lovers can hardly contain his delight when they turned out to be in this beautiful country.

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