The world around us is constantly changing

The world around us is constantly changing. Move the continents to subside, or, on the contrary, the mountains are growing, spreading, or lost canyons. Man also tries to measure the forces and capabilities – drills the ground for miles to suck out the hydrocarbons, blasts rocks, dries up rivers and wetlands, reservoir bottles, houses and roads. But if natural objects may be hundreds of millions of years, the human is much less.

80 years ago near the village of Shabrovski talc quarry earned. The man began to delve into a monolithic rock, gnawing from magnesite (talc) bricks, of which I was well to make the blast furnace for the young Soviet metallurgical industry. But the years passed, technology changed, and in 1974, the quarry stopped working. What happened to him and what will happen in a thousand years? I will try to explain.

We were passing shabrovski talc plant. Once it was the industrial pride of the country:

Here a narrow-gauge railway operated:

One of the paths toward career leads through the hole in the fence:

Behind him lies a vast field of broken marble:

Finally, we see a brown sign with a stern warning that nobody ever pays attention, because the staircase-there it is, right under:

Come down and get to the beginning of the road sloping downward, the edge is already possible to admire the quarry. Cliff is very steep, there is a risk to slip downhill with a sad outcome. Depth Old Lenses, according to the mapping, about 100 meters. Width at upper edge comes to length and 250 to 400 (below size is much smaller):

These ancient pipes pumped out the water:

And off the rails-the channels skated with a winch truck with talc cubes (top and bottom):

It is seen that the bottom on these “rails” always someone is climbing, but to climb on top of him I see none.

“Angular” the wall is in places disfigured by tourists or just time:

Gentle soon the road ends, and down will move exclusively to the wooden stairs. To look under feet and to hold tight to the handrails of the stairs are very steep:

You can just about imagine, there are carved magnesite bricks:

Part of the slope is picturesquely overgrown with lush moss, almost like in the jungle of Yucatan – Mayan pyramid (never been, but I assume):

The fun starts on the bottom of the quarry. First, the bottom looks like a large Soviet concrete paving, with the same rough cracks at the joints – but it’s not tile, and traces of contemporary technologies:

Unit type circular saws, as a whole, engaged in horizontal cutting blocks:

And this chain saw shredded talc vertical:

Assume that the truck drove through steel chutes to the surface and back:

However, there is at the bottom (same as top) and a fragment of railway with tiny trolleys:

The art is preserved the skeleton of the Polish excavator with vile graffiti and rusted pieces of equipment. Once the excavator operator stopped the engine, got out of the cab, leaked residues of diesel fuel from the tank and said goodbye to his faithful iron friend:

And here’s another snippet of the equipment trolley by cable car, as if hanging in the sky. To approach her closer and shoot on maximum zoom I guess. Such trucks transported the raised bottom talc brick mill and factory dry milling:

In the pit lives the employee with specific duties (including, it monitors the condition of the stairs), in the indispensable company of the dog. Is taken out the garbage, I know not, but I personally have not left any speck of dust:

And then we got to the pretty, magnificent natural beauty of Old Lenses, as if descended from the paintings of the Wanderers – namely, multi-flow waterfall, whose noisy, flowing water, foam, standing under a myriad of sparkling spray, very nice to dip sweaty flushed face:

It should be noted that the water, though the dirt and it has a perceptible taste of some natural chemical compounds, so raw, and boiled without a filter to drink it is hardly worth it. Yes how long will a filter pitcher to rise? Local worker probably draws water from here:

All the streams, and several of them, gather here in this lake with a built on its shore pump station. The water is amazingly clear, and in the heat of it, I think, even swimming:

If the water does not pump out, the Old Lens will quickly turn into useless and dangerous lake. Actually, a thousand years from this wound on the body of the Earth caused by man, will be delayed, then “ear” forests and pave the bed of the new river. Just kidding. In any case, this open pit is the symbol of changes which constantly occur in the world around us. Somewhere they are positive, as in this case, somewhere on the contrary.

Well, time to go home, on the track!

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