The Pink lake Retba

Everyone wants to visit the unique lake of enchanting colours!

Amazing colors and charming water pumps entirely covering a two-kilometer coastline, Pink lake or lake Retba, is the way it is called in the language of the people Wolof, the largest ethnic group of Senegal.

This Senegalese lake boats are only used for salt production. What today is called the lake Retba was once a lagoon. But the Atlantic surf gradually Deposit a sand, and in the end duct that connected the lagoon and the ocean were covered. For a long time, Retba remained unremarkable salt lake.

But in the 70-ies of the last century, Senegal was hit by a series of droughts, the heavily shoaled Retba and salt production, a thick layer lying on the bottom, became quite profitable. Then the water in the lake got a pink hue due to the microorganisms capable of surviving in saturated salt solution. Besides them, the other organic life in Retba not – for algae, not to mention the fish, this concentration of salt is harmful. She’s here almost one and a half times higher than in the Dead sea – three hundred and eighty grams per liter!

Now people are working and standing shoulder-deep in water, to twenty years ago in Rose lake did not swim, and went – water was to the waist. But getting a year about twenty-five thousand tons of salt, people rapidly deepen the lake. In some places the bottom has dropped very significantly – by three meters and more.

Work in a Pink Lake very difficult! The salt solution concentrations are capable for any half an hour to eat away at the skin to such an extent that it formed poorly healing ulcers. So before you sit in a boat, miners are rubbed with oil. It is obtained from the fruit of the tallow tree.

Salt at the bottom of the first loosen, then, blindly, under the water applied to the cart. From the basket, giving to drain off excess water, off-loaded into the boat… it Seems, under the weight of the vessel must go down – but dense salt solution securely holds it afloat. Extract salt from the lake bottom men… that their participation in the process ends all further operations are carried out by women, often very young. They’re going to get salt in plastic pots on the shore and dump it there to dry.

Just cooked with salt is grayish in color. Therefore, allowing to dry, the women washed and sorted to remove silt and sand. From small slides, each of which stuck a sign with the name of the owner, the purified salt is being poured into a common pile, three-kilometre-long ridge stretching along the shores of the Pink lake. In them, she a year or two waiting for wholesale buyers during this time, the salt under the tropical sun has time to fade and become completely white. Salt, which is extracted here such primitive methods, is exported to Africa and, as an exotic, even in Europe. The Senegalese are satisfied with salt, obtained industrially from sea water.

The same lake from year-to-year, never ceases to attract crowds of tourists who want to personally visit the unique wonder of nature!

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