The most beautiful lake


Switzerland is a modern state of Western Europe. The world-famous Swiss cheese, Swiss watches and Swiss banks – here’s what we know about this country. And because on its territory there are many interesting natural and cultural attractions.

Switzerland is a very unique country, small even by European standards, which, however, contains many interesting and unusual. According to inhabitants of this country, its main asset is nature: the eternal glaciers, mountain ranges, Alpine meadows, blue lakes and waterfalls. Here, on a relatively small territory there are 1484 lakes. Many of them are of glacial origin lakes of unique beauty and transparency.

Official capital city in the country, and is considered the de facto capital of the German Federal city of Bern. Today Switzerland is the world’s only Confederation. Parallel in the country there are four official languages. And yet, no interethnic conflicts in the country does not happen.

Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. In everyday life, Swiss people often communicate in a lethal mixture of all these four languages.

Switzerland is unusual in that in whatever part of the country you are in, a maximum of twenty kilometres of you will be the most beautiful lake, suitable for bathing. Mountains cover two thirds of its territory. In this regard, before us, the state is recognized as the most mountainous in Europe. Approximately 14 percent of the area of this country is occupied by natural reserves and parks, which have preserved their primordial nature.

In this country there is no city with a population of over a million. Moreover, in Switzerland there is not even city-pyatisotletny.

According to Swiss law, the referendums may be held every Sunday. In fact, they are much less often: couple times a year. One of such referenda, by the way, was forbidden the construction of minarets in the country.

The inflation rate in Switzerland is less than 1% per year.

In the country to introduce paid medicine and compulsory health insurance.

Switzerland located in Central Europe, however, it is not included neither in the EU nor in the UN, although on its territory, in Geneva, and is the headquarters of the organization. In any political and military conflicts Switzerland always remains neutral.

Young Swiss go to school in 4 years. They study four days a week. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday – days off. Education in the country completely free for foreigners too. The only exception is the elite private schools.

To become a Swiss citizen need to reside in its territory for a minimum of 12 years. Every company registered in this country should have the Executive Director of Swiss. Therefore, any person holding a Swiss passport, can earn money by being a “nominal salaried Director” at several firms.

There is almost no professional firefighters. In some cantons of firefighters are members of local fire clubs, for whom this is not a job but a passion. Such people if needed leave your main workplace and go out on calls.

Swiss drug addicts get free dose, food and a bed in special shelters. The authorities believe that it is much cheaper than the elimination of the impact of the crimes on the basis of drug addiction.

Metro in Switzerland there is only a single city – Lausanne. And then, all line land, and structures controlled by the autopilots.

Throw away Christmas tree in Switzerland is possible only in specially designated day in early January. Otherwise you have to pay a large fine.

If the Swiss wants to cut down a tree, it must receive official permission, even if it grows on his own land and planted his own.

Switzerland makes the best and expensive watches in the world. Brands of course are on everyone’s lips – Rolex, Chopard, Breguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Tissot, Swatch and others. By the way, the first wristwatch was invented by Patek Philippe in 1868, the year.

Swiss wine is very good in quality, but he is less known in other countries. The fact that all of it is consumed domestically.

The most famous dish in the world of Swiss cuisine – fondue. Initially, the fondue was the food of peasants, who thus eat up the remnants of bread and cheese

Forests of Switzerland – a Paradise for mushroom pickers. But a huge amount of mushrooms with the perfect hats, the Swiss are not only not collected, but did not eat.

Cows in Switzerland gave more milk, their necks tied “weights”. So the animal is difficult to lift the head, so it constantly eats grass.

Most popular varieties of cheese in Switzerland is “Emmental” and “Gruyere”. They used a traditional recipe for fondue.

In Switzerland the absolute majority of shops close at 19.00, and closed on Sundays altogether. Only on Thursdays they are open until 21.00. However, this does not apply to small shops: they work on their own schedule. But there is one rule that applies to absolutely everyone: after 21.00 alcohol in Swiss shops to buy.

The majority of Swiss rolls from packaging of goods in the store. The fact that they take place in a trash bag, for the removal of each of which you have to pay separately. If you throw garbage in a normal bag without a special sticker, you can get a very large fine.

In Swiss cemeteries the graves are kept only 25 years. After the expiration of this period will be given for the burial of another person. However, the grave may be redeemed, and then to rest of the deceased no one to infringe.

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