the Main water resource is.

Referred to natural resources: land, minerals, water, forest and recreational resources. Land resources are critical resources, they include all regions of the country. They have a dual nature: on the one hand, they are means of production for some industries (e.g. agriculture), on the other hand, they are location production

The composition of the Volga economic region: Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Samara, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Penza region, Republic of Tatarstan, and Kalmykia – Halmg Tangch Area: 536,4 thousand km2. Population: 16.9 million people. the Territory of the Volga economic region was extended on both banks of the Volga river and has access to the Caspian sea. Volga and the Volga-Baltic way connect water

1. land and soil resources 2. energy resources 3. water resources 4. industrial

1. Natural resources are the soil and subsoil, flora and fauna, forest and water resources, air and climate. 2. In modern conditions the consumption of natural resources continues to grow. There are two alternative ways of development of world economy: continued increase of exploration and production of minerals and resources. 3. The bulk of natural resources

The basis of politics is power. She represented the state, its institutions and resources. The authority facilitates the efficient satisfaction of General interest, group and private interests. For this reason, it is the main object of the struggle and interaction of groups, parties, movements, States,

The increment due to the introduction in the production of an additional unit of variable resource is called the marginal cost of the resource. When the firm faces perfect competition in the resource market, the marginal cost of the resource will be equal to the price of this resource. For example, if a small firm wants to hire an accountant, then he will pay according to market rate wages.

Energy and raw material problem is the uneven distribution of mineral resources across the globe. It is known that most mineral raw materials are located in developing countries and the main consumers are developed countries. Countries such as Japan, Italy, Germany, UK, and USA, (they provide their own raw materials only half), have

1. What are the main objectives of the enhancing human resources and the main components in the revitalization of human resources in the enterprise? 2. Describe the main methods of human resource development. 3. What is the distribution of responsibility in the development of human resources in the enterprise? 4. What place in strengthening the human resources of the organization is organizational

held within the borders of Russia: “East-West” or “Transsiberian”: Europe-Russian Federation-Japan, with branches from the Russian Federation to: Kazakhstan-China; Mongolia and China; the Korean Peninsula.Medium and a key link in this corridor is a powerful, double-track, electrified TRANS-Siberian railway.The Eastern sea leg, the Asia-Pacific region, as well as access to

In economic theory the term “market” has several meanings, but its main value is as follows: a market is a mechanism of interaction between buyers and sellers of economic goods. The relationship between buyers and sellers, i.e. market relations began to emerge in ancient times, before the emergence of money, which appeared and then largely to maintain these relationships.

The Lake of the Albufera
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Seas, oceans and large lakes in the warm season
Features of the annual cycle in surface air temperature in different parts of the Earth according to OA of the hydrometcentre of the Russian Federation Seas, oceans and large lakes…

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LAKE SVETLOYAR (Shambhala Russia) is a legendary lake located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. According to the local historian N. N. Khlopushina, the lake is of glacial-karstic origin; karst collapse…

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