The largest lake in the world

Lakes are different. Some quiet, romantic with water lilies and picturesque banks. Others muddy and cold, frightening in its coldness. And the third… and the third and lakes to name language does not turn – on the surface of these ponds sail boats on the lakes storm waves are not worse than in the ocean. That’s about them, the biggest lakes in the world, and we’ll talk.

So, meet – the largest lake in the world Caspian sea. Yes, for its size it can rightfully be called the sea. The area of the Caspian sea is 371 000 km 2. Is the Caspian sea at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. But despite the salty water and a large area, the Caspian sea is a closed lake.

In second place is lake superior – the largest lake in the world freshwater lake and the deepest, largest and coldest of the Great lakes. There is a lake in Canada and the USA. Its area is 82 of 100 km 2 .

In third place is the lake Victoria. It is located in East Africa, on the territory of three countries – Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. It is the largest lake in Africa, with an area of 69 km 2 500 .

It was three of the largest lakes in the world. Turn to the other, entering into ten largest.

The fourthis lake Huron, located in Canada and the USA. Like Big lake, it belongs to the Great lakes. The area of lake Huron is 59 600 km2 .

In fifth place – a neighbor of lake Huron, lake Michigan. Its area is 57 750 km 2. Lake Michigan is the third largest of the Great lakes, and only one among them that lies entirely on the territory of the USA.

Sixth place in our ranking is the Aral sea. Still. Because the Aral sea dries up very quickly, and to stop this process, as scientists believe, is almost impossible. So, even if you discontinue the withdrawal of water from rivers flowing into the lake, its restoration will take more than 200 years. Therefore, the Aral sea may disappear by 2020. But once the Aral sea ranked fourth among the largest lakes in the world.

In seventh place is one of the oldest lakes in the world – lake Tanganyika. It is in Central Africa and covers an area of 32 900 km2. The lake is remarkable the large number of endemic species number about 200. In addition, the water in the lake has different temperature in different layers that are not mixed together. And the bottom layer of water saturated with hydrogen sulfide, therefore, every life is not there.

The eighth place is occupied by lake Baikal. It is not only one of the largest lakes in the world, but also the deepest and cleanest lake in the world. Lake Baikal is a unique lake in a unique location. Only here can you meet such a diversity of flora and fauna, such number of rare species of animals, birds and plants.

Ninth place in our ranking is the Great bear lake located in Canada and covers an area of 31 km 2 128. The lake is picturesquely by itself, as its shores. And here you can see the Northern lights reflecting in the water. This beauty cannot be put into words.

And the last is lake Nyasa, which is located on the territory of several countries: Africa, Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania. The lake covers an area of 30 800 km2. It is rich in wildlife, but some scientists call it the birthplace of aquarium fish.

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