The Lake of the Albufera

10 kilometers South of Valencia is the Albufera lake, the largest lake of the Iberian Peninsula, which is one of the important attractions of Spain. surrounded by the homonymous natural Park. In Arabic the Albufera means “little sea”. So the Moors called it a miracle of nature. Thus a natural mound, the Sands of which constrain the tree growing on the coast of the pine trees are all that stand between this huge reservoir of fresh water from the Mediterranean sea, forming a kind of natural platinum. At present the lake area is almost 3,000 hectares, and is reduced every year in connection with the natural drainage of these areas. Despite the large area the depth of the lake is small, only 2 meters, with the special drainage channels are designed to maintain the water level at one and the same level, thus preserving the ecological balance of this unique place.

On the Albufera lake there is a huge variety of different birds, some of the lake is the only habitat and, for many, is a place of “compulsory stop” during migration. In the waters of the lake you can find a variety of fish that the stories of the locals and jump into the boat.

Lake Albufera is the birthplace of the famousSpanish paella, rice fields occupy 223 square kilometers around the lake. The restaurants adjacent to the lake area is known for its paella and other rice dishes across Spain. Newlyweds often choose the lake of the Albufera as a place for wedding photos. Especially beautiful photos at sunset over the lake, which is oddly reflected in its waters. Not by chance, the Arabs called it “little sea” mirror of the sun. The lake and its adjoining area declared protected area. The government of the Valencia Community adopted a special plan for the conservation of the lake and the natural Park of Albufera. The plan received support from environmental organizations not only in Spain but also from the European Union as a whole. Enjoy the beauty of lake Albufera you can ride on the boat. The locals will be happy to provide You that opportunity at a very reasonable cost.

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