The lake Balaton

Balaton – the largest lake in Eastern Europe. Its length is nearly 80 km, and width ranges from 14 to 1.5 km (at the narrowest point of the Peninsula Tisane cuts it almost in half). Due to the small depth (average 3-4 m) in summer, its waters heat up quickly at least to 22 degrees, and in late August – even before 28. However, in winter the lake is often ice is formed thicker than ten centimetres.

The shoreline of lake Balaton is quite varied – North shore is very different from the South. In Northern – beaches is relatively small, and the slope of the bottom is such that after 30 meters from the shore the person is fully immersed in water. But on the South shore, the depth increases very slowly, so even non-swimmers can move away from the shore to 500 m. the Most popular Eastern shore, especially by the lovers of bathing on Sunny days.

Despite the fact that people lived on the shores of the lake for thousands of years, these beaches appeared only in the XIX century. Visited them only the representatives of the higher strata of society. The situation began to change only in 50-ies of the last century. Then the government of the socialist party began to promote “rest mass”, and the majority of Hungarians decided to leave only at lake Balaton. Like mushrooms after a rain began to grow Spa centers, and the lake shore were hastily adapted to the needs of the numerous tourists. Unfortunately, in the heat of work forgot about the environment, and in the late 80-ies of water pollution in the lake has reached alarming dimensions, and most “beaches” has turned into real garbage.

In 1987 the then government decided to invest large sums in the development and modernization of existing tourist infrastructure near the lake. Beaches ennobled, and water purified to such an extent that today it can even be drunk. Water quality controls every year a special international Commission to be created specifically for this purpose.

The Surroundings Of Lake Balaton

Balaton is not only sun and water. Of great interest to tourists is its Northern shore, formed thousands of years ago, solidified lava. Today the height of the former volcanic peaks is not more than 300-400 m, many of them are ruins of medieval fortresses. On the territory of the landscape Park Badacsony are amazing rock formations, among which the most willingly visited mountain – Szent györgy where you can see large (more than ten meters) basalt columns.

Western shore of lake Balaton is a quagmire, called “Kis Balton”, i.e. “Little Balaton”. In the early twentieth century, they constituted a natural filter which separates the water of the river Zala from the lake, however, in the 30-ies of the group of engineers decided to send it directly to the mouth of the Balaton, and the reclaimed land used for industrial purposes. But it turned out that it was not a good idea – the pride of Hungary was slowly silted and polluted sediments, which was carried by the river. In order to save the lake Balaton, it was decided to restore the original condition of the natural environment – build a pool area of over 20 square kilometers, similar to natural. Today the moorland is a nature reserve, to the delight of lovers of water bird species – open to the public.

Active holiday at lake Balaton

Balaton is the main centre for water sports in Hungary. Before it sailed exclusively passenger ferries and small sailing vessels, often appear large yachts, private boats, kayaks and ordinary surfers. Although the lake water cannot be considered as absolutely safe, given the complex system of winds and quick weather changes. Summer at lake Balaton are unusually strong storm, during which a very short and high waves hazardous to unskilled swimmers. Several years ago on the lake made an early warning system about the changes of weather, which helped to reduce the number of accidents to a minimum.

Balaton – a real Paradise for fishermen. In the Balaton Museum in Keszthely collected numerous bone hooks representing proof that fishing was popular in these places in prehistoric times. Today the reward for the patient (or lucky) fishermen could be a big catfish or Zander, is found here and a variety of carp fish species. Up to 20 of April fishing is prohibited, and after that date need to buy a special permit (available at any bait shop).

The Balaton region is also known for its abundance of game – here are some of the best places for hunting in Hungary. The forests are rich in deer and other species of animals, although hunting it is best to travel to the South of the lake.

Balaton as a place for a vacation are increasingly choosing horseback riding. In recent years the equestrian infrastructure is significantly developed. Now virtually every larger resort centre for tourists horseback riding, and for those who prefer to observe rather than ride – organises regular screenings of the process he had been broken in horses.

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