The Best lakes in the world

Lake with beautiful nature and rich infrastructure of entertainment

Planning a vacation, we try to choose places close to the sea, with excellent beaches, or hotels with wonderful pools. But if you want to enjoy the tranquility away from the many crowds, and at the same time to swim, we have a great solution – stay on the lake.

Here is everything you need – stunning scenery, magnificent mountains, thermal baths, boating, fishing and more. This kind of holiday is perfect for those who prefer a quiet, peaceful noisy surface waves.

Edition Luscinia offers 9 lakes that are worthy of your attention.

Plitvice lakes, Croatia

This national Park is on the register of “world heritage” by UNESCO. In the first place then affects the riot of colors and shades. Lakes located steps demonstrate the shades of blue, blue and turquoise. And tree leaves will be pleased with all sorts of green shades.

Unfortunately, bathing is prohibited, but the lakes remain clean and colorful. In total, the Park has 16 beautiful lakes, over a hundred waterfalls, dozens of caves, pine and beech forest.

Lake Malawi, Malawi

The most southern of the African Great lakes. Tropical waters abound with lots of fish. The lake is the main source of food for residents. The nature around the lake is very diverse. Tropical forests coexist with palm trees and Acacias. Fauna is represented by the rhinoceros, buffalos, elephants, zebras and giraffes.

Lake Taal, The Philippines

It was formed from volcanic crator and combines beauty and danger. However, the interest of tourists is stronger than the possible risks. Visitors can cross the lake by boat and go to the top of the volcanic Islands.

Lake Yucatan, Mexico

On the Yucatan Peninsula there is a cave, inside which is located the beautiful lake. The atmosphere here is extraordinary. Light and water fall inside directly from the surface of the Earth. More spectacular sailing grounds in the world. For tourists there is a special staircase for the descent to the lake.

By the way, the Maya of the lake was used as one of the sources. They also believed that the gates to the underworld.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake bled is a balneal and climatic resort, famous since the mid-nineteenth century. Here everyone will find rest for the soul: the resort has the resources for active recreation and for those who are pretty calm and quiet.

The special charm of the lake gives a scenic islet with a chapel and an ancient castle.

Lake Tahoe, USA

The lake length is 21 mile is one of the oldest in North America. Here you can witness a fantastic view – the lake changes its color depending on time of daylight. The lake is surrounded by several natural parks. Pine and fir trees, pine forests and spectacular cliffs give Tahoe a special charm.

Nearby there is also a set of bases for tourists. In winter, ski resorts are operating. In summer you can go horse riding or laze on the beach.

Loch Lomond, Scotland

This lake surrounds a truly Scottish atmosphere – rough hills and medieval castles. On the territory of the lake’s many Islands, most of which flooded when the water level rises. On the largest of the Islands are situated a castle and a monastery in the seventh century.

On the shore of Loch Lomond is a small village and property prices here about one and a half times higher than in the capital of Scotland.

Lake Garda, Italy

The best of the Italian lakes is very popular with tourists. Sandy beaches combined with rocky mountains. Lake Garda can boast a developed infrastructure, villas, hotels, wine farms and beautiful scenery. No wonder that, in his time, Goethe, Byron, Dickens and Oscar Wilde has dedicated to the lake a lot of rave lines.

Infrastructure is organized on a “perfect”. In winter – skiing and dog sledding, winter Biking or snowmobile safaris. During summer cruises, rafting, diving, Quad Biking and Hiking. Those who wish to explore the history and culture, it should go in “the Museum of lake Baikal”.

However, whatever you chose – fishing on lake Baikal or the balneological health resort – relaxing on the lake will be not less interesting and memorable than traditional tours abroad. Enjoy your journey!

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