Spotted lake Kliluk in Canada

Lake Kliluk in Canada is one of those creations of nature, looking at that, comes to mind the question: how is this possible? That it’s an optical illusion or reality? What is so special about this reservoir, which occupies a worthy place among the attractions of Canada?

Spotted the pond in the Americas

Wonder lake is located in British Columbia, near the town of Osoyoos, near the U.S. border. Fantastic scenery that the tourists see, seems unearthly and unreal. On the entire surface of the pond are patches of different colors: yellowish, bluish, brown, green, gray, with a touch of turquoise and blue. The shape of these colored spots sometimes round but often oval or irregular. Between them visible grey stripes.

What is this strange place? And why in the lake fluid has a viscous consistency and has different colors? Mineral salts whose concentration in this lake is very great – cause of the formation of amazing spots.

Nowhere in the world there is such a unique part of the water in which the dissolved silver sulphate, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and other minerals.

Summer in these parts are quite hot. The temperature rise leads to the evaporation of the water. Salts crystallize, forming small Islands, the surface becomes solid. You can even walk on it. But, not so simple…

The battle for unique lake

The Indians of Canada considered the lake sacred. Kliluk – the name given to the reservoir of ancient Indian tribes Okanagan. Why the lake has opened a real struggle 20 years?

Water saturated with mineral salts and possesses medicinal properties. In 1979, Ernest Smith, who owned the lake, decided to open on its shores a modern SPA resort that took hundreds of people wanting to get healthier.

But the canadian Indians, who are jealous of their Holy places, decided that “white people” should not make the sacred lake recreation center and entertainment. For more than two decades, negotiations continued regarding the fate of the unusual lake.

In 2001, Mr. Smith has agreed to sell the land on which the pond is spotted, local residents. The transaction took place. 720 thousand dollars – and the lake came into the possession of the Indian community.

How to see the beauty of the spotted wonder

Now just walk up to this pond, which is one of the most interesting natural wonders of our planet, without special permission of the chief of an Indian tribe will not work.

The lake is fenced by wire. But from the viewpoint, visitors can admire the magnificent view and the bright colors of this native American sacred sites.

Lake on planet Earth so varied, once again proves that nature will never cease to amaze people.

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