Shatskiye lakes And no sharks!

Eh, tired of the Crimean beaches! I want a lake with a tent, catch a fish… And what in Ukraine the most famous lake? Of Course, Shatsky!

To get on Shatsky lakes from Kiev is possible by two routes. The first runs along Warsaw highway (Kyiv-Korosten-Sarny-Kovel) to Lyuboml, where you turn right, to, after passing another 40 kilometers, to be actually in the Shack. The second goes through Zhitomir, Novohrad-Volynsky, Rivne, Lutsk and Kovel, where the two roads converge. What is the difference between these routes? “the son” slightly shorter (550 km against 580 “Rivne” the road), but in the first half (Kiev – Sarna) worse on the part of the pavement, permanently “investigated” repair and road services, and not very scenic. «Rivne” the route takes 8 hours – 30 minutes longer than on “the son”, but it is consistently good road surface and lots of attractions. That’s why we decided to pay more attention to the second option.

The first and only

The quality of highway M06 (E40) on the interval Kiev-Zhitomir because of the proximity to the capital is beyond praise; for the same reason does not cause problems and its infrastructure.After turning to Novograd-Volynskiy asphalt surface becomes slightly (but only slightly) worse, the four-lane road is narrowed by half, and cafes and gas stations are becoming rarer. This continues all the way to the Lyuboml, but after turning on the Shatsk the quality of asphalt pavement increases dramatically: the site Lyuboml – the shack is just gorgeous!

In fact, those who want to quickly get to a destination, to plunge into the clear lake water, and pour it into glasses of water a fire, the following couple of paragraphs to skip. Fans same quiz “to Know and love your edge” will recommend to make several stops. The first of these – on the border of three regions (Zhytomyr, Rivne and Khmelnytsky), in the small town of Korets. Here you can admire the ruins of the castle of the princes Koretsky (XV century) and visit the nunnery of the Holy Trinity, where, incidentally, buried Anna Olenina (the same one which Pushkin dedicated immortal “I loved you once, love you still, might. “).

On the road from Korets in Rivne is a half hour to stay in town Goscha where the Park grows the only in Ukraine, Chinese Ginkgo tree. By the way, in Goscha you can turn from the highway to the left and 35 km to get to the legendary Jail. However, the way this plot does not stand up to criticism, but, believe me, Ostrog Church and the princely castle of the XIV-XVI centuries are worth it. Especially recommended to visit the Museum – because it is in Ostroh in 1580, the first printer Ivan Fedorov has built the first printing press (and a year later there was published the famous Ostrog Bible, on which Ukrainian presidents swear). Well, if you really transcend country roads, wrap in neighbouring Fortress Mezhiritsky monastery.

Commit yourself to the knights

Anyway, visiting in Jail or not, we find ourselves in Exactly, and then to Lutsk. To pass this city without stopping will be a sacrilege. First, it is worth to explore the two beautiful and completely different architecture of the Catholic Church. And secondly, to visit the castle of Westminster hedyminovycha, one of the best preserved and well-kept castles in Western Ukraine. By the way, since 2003, here is joust “the Sword of Lutsk castle”.

Until the next, penultimate point of our trip can be reached in different ways. It is more logical and shorter – via the already mentioned Kovel; but nevertheless dare to recommend to take another detour and drive through the Vladimir-Volynskiy. By itself, this ancient beautiful city is worthy of any admiration, but the greater will be delighted as it is very near, 10 km away, Church of the monastery. To admit, so beautiful and decorated with the soul of the monastic courtyard to the author to not ever see…

Business lake

But enough digressions from the route – after Lyuboml, half an hour later we find ourselves in the Shack, our destination. Where do I go? Variants, as usual, a few. For those who appreciate comfort even in the woods, suggest to settle in one of the many resorts located on the shores of lakes Svityaz and sandy (“Shatsky lakes”, “Forest song”, “Phoenix”, “Themis”, “knight”, etc.). However, it is worth remembering two factors: first, they are all pretty expensive (from 100 UAH./day and above); secondly, in a season filled to capacity, so reservations are need in advance.

More lowly travellers suitable rooms in private homes – with no problems at all. So, in the village Svityaz (as the name suggests, where it is located) almost every house hangs a sign «Rent a room”; the prices are more than acceptable – 10 – 15 UAH./day per person. The only caveat – not all houses are located in close proximity to the lake; however, Hiking does not harm anyone else.

And now, in strictest confidence, the most important thing. If you go around the biggest and “civilized” lake Svityaz from the North (but in any case not from the South – road, such that it would be better if it was not at all), you can get into a small village Pulmo, located between two lakes (Svitiaz, Pulemetske and). Here is the place for real backpackers and fishermen! You can stay in a small hotel (20 UAH./days), and in the camp. Want to fish – it offers Pulemetske lake, if you want to sunbathe and swim – welcome to Svityaz. But if fishing fails, there is fallback option: to pay tribute to local cooks that are unsurpassed cooked eel in sour cream (by the way, food prices more than the liberal – lunch for three without alcohol will cost UAH 20). Fans of the active recreation can easily engage in surfing (and wind on the water surface sometimes blow more of those!) or diving (depth not inferior to the winds). And most importantly – no sharks!

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