Rest in Crimea

So You came on vacation in the Crimea — in Kerch or somewhere on the Kerch Peninsula. The soft warm sea, a variety of sandy and pebble beaches, the vast open expanses of the sea surface, bathing and entertainment. Many water areas and quiet, peaceful setting. What else is needed for a good vacation in the Crimea?

It turns out, vacation in the Crimea — it’s not just the Kerch Peninsula. After a few days of relaxation, You pull to see new places, explore historical sites or simply other types of Crimea. The wonderful world of the Crimean Peninsula with its unique and inimitable.

For starters, you can taste the Kerch Peninsula.

Rest in Kerch is not only the city itself.

The city of Kerch, Crimea in the first place is an industrial city that has impressive sea port, through which the transshipment primarily of goods. In Kerch and around it You will find many architectural structures of the last century, monuments of war and, of course, the catacombs that were the only way to escape from the German invaders. As for the catacombs, after repeated visits to the wild places of the Peninsula creates the impression that the Kerch Peninsula completely dug underground tunnels. No wonder there are legends that from Kerch to take on the catacombs for many tens of kilometers from the city and from the Heater to Feodosia laid underground and long forgotten road.

But not only the underground world interesting in Kerch. An ancient defensive shaft which runs across the entire Peninsula from the Azov to the Black sea, Kul-Oba double-peaked hill, which holds the secrets of the Turkish khans, and many more historic places that are sure to complement Your holiday in Kerch.

The village of Geroevskoe has amazing lakes, especially lake Chokrak, which is not inferior to the healing properties of the Saki lakes. Semenovka village – a quiet place, which attracts fishermen in the spring and fall, which is dotted with coastal cliffs and the sea surface, and in the summer — tourists to the sea. Fishermen attracts a primarily goby, which are countless here. Sandy beaches within secluded bays offer amazing places for swimming in summer and in winter it is just a expanse, indeed, in cold periods the sea of Azov covered with ice, and many just drive in cars across the expanses of the sea of Azov.

Theodosius and surrounding villages.

The resort of Feodosiya — the closest resort to the Kerch Peninsula. Sun city offers gorgeous sandy beaches and lots of sightseeing and tasting of Crimean wines in retail stores of the city. The main asset of the city is the art gallery of Aivazovsky, the artist left a legacy to the city. Immediately after Theodosius are two neighbouring village, are radically different from each other. The village of Ordzhonikidze is a quiet provincial village that has a unique underwater world and quiet coves for swimming and relaxing naked.

The Koktebel village is a wonderful place for a luxury holiday in the Crimea. Here is pebble beach, many cafes and restaurants that are located right on the waterfront. The water Park and Dolphinarium are attracted not only children but also adults, and how not to visit the winery «Crimea», and not try the local brandy, Madeira and port wines? Plant «Crimea» has good fame far beyond the Crimean Peninsula.

The Sudak and the surrounding area

If a vacation in the Crimea for You is a cognitive process, then welcome to the ancient city of Sudak. The most famous historical place in the city — the Genoese fortress, located by the sea. The fortress is considered the best heritage and tourist attraction, every year many festivals and tournaments that attract thousands of audiences. But not only the city of Sudak attracted to the area — the numerous villages and towns around Perch also attract tourists — Marine, New world, Sun Valley.

Settlement of the New world is one of the most beautiful corners of Crimea and the world. Shalyapin’s grotto, magnificent views of the sea and rocks, the factory of sparkling wines and walk along the trail Golitsyn – these memories will remain in your heart for a lifetime. Rest in Crimea without a wine tasting – not a vacation, but in New Light it is a mandatory procedure, which is not to be missed by any tour.

Unfortunately from the other resorts Kerch Peninsula is very much deleted, so not everyone will dare to start a trip of several hundred kilometers in order to explore the rich history of the Crimean and beautiful views. However, if You have a few days free, but You do not want to travel on Simferopol, you can visit places such as Marble and other caves, take a ride on the road Sudak-Alushta, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the Crimea, to make a sortie to the Crimean mountains, to waterfalls, for example, and much more.

Kurpaty Crimea is a charming and colorful place, this is another place in Crimea, where you should definitely visit at least once. As all bright places in Crimea, Kurpaty is a place of relaxation for body and soul. Wonderful air, pure nature, mountains — all this will not leave any heart indifferent.

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