Why Do You Need Flu Vaccinations?

In recent times there has been a bit of a debate about whether or not there is a need for flu vaccinations and much of the discussion is emotive rather than factual.

Even very healthy people can get very sick from the flu and spread it too many other people. Influenza is a serious disease that millions of people get every season, thousands of people are hospitalized each year and hundreds of people die from flu related causes. Every season the flu virus is different and can affect people in different ways.

Influenza vaccines will cause antibodies to develop within a vaccinated person’s body about 2 weeks after they are vaccinated to give protection against infection.

Dr Michael Gannon the president of the AMA says that “It is no exaggeration to say that you’re potentially risking the like of yourself and your baby if you don’t get the vaccine” when asked about the need for vaccination among small children and pregnant women. Getting flu vaccinations every year is important as the most common strains of the influenza virus changes every year. Professor Raina MacIntyre from the University of New South Wales said that “the vaccine that you get this year won’t necessarily be a protection for you against the different virus that may be circulating next year.

The new enhanced vaccines are specifically made to target the strains of influenza that were prevalent in last year’s deadly flu outbreak. Having flu vaccinations is especially important for those who are at high risk of getting the flu.

Several state and territory governments are now offering free flu jabs for children between six months and five years old.

Most local GP’s have the new flu vaccines and the government immunization services are available through all community health clinics, school based immunization programs, Aboriginal Medical Services, some local pharmacies and work places.

Professor MacIntyre also said that “The best time to get your flu jab can be difficult to predict because the peak period of flu activity can vary year by year”. “Generally though the peak flu season is around July and August but it is variable, sometimes it can start in may and sometimes it does not start until September”. It has been suggested that research has shown that the effectiveness of the flu vaccinations may begin to wane after about three to four months. Professor MacIntyre said “It’s really a trade off between getting the ideal immunity early and not missing the peak activity time”.

The Department of Health the AMA and RACGP say that the best times for getting your flu vaccinations is about the end of April to the beginning of May. RACGP President Dr Basyian Seidel said “This should really cover the vast majority of people”.

The President of the AMA, Dr Michael Gannon agreed as added that “Healthy people should get vaccinated at the same time as those eligible for a free flu vaccination” he added that “There is no question that the optimal time to receive the influenza vaccination is in late April and early May”.

The Need For Fast Diets

Have you noticed that there are so many different diets on the market nowadays? The number is growing and growing; daily. It can be so confusing when trying to decide which diet you want to go on. As I started to search for the best fast diets on the search engines, I was shocked at how many they were. It was also astounding to see how much they all contradicted each other. While one expert pushed the benefits of a low fat diet, another praised the success of low carb diets. Another yet suggested only eating fruits and vegetables. And so on and so on! It was obvious at this point that you need to pick one of the diets that you feel suits you best and to just get serious and do it. You can take it slow or you can find one of the fast diets that are readily available for you to lose weight with.

Let’s face it, we all know that the diet industry is worth billions and billions of dollars. Everyone involved in the selling of products in the diet industry is trying to get their piece of the pie and their share of that money. They know that most people jump from one diet and when they lose interest in it they jump to the next popular diet. They know that you want to lose weight quickly and you want to do it with little effort. They also know that you will pay almost anything to lose that weight. Most people will pay a pretty penny for the new wonder pill. And when they do not see the results fast enough, they jump ship and buy the next new wonder product out there.

Have you ever noticed how popular exercise equipment is becoming? All you ever see on late night TV is the newest invention on how to get in shape with literally no effort or work on your part. Just sit on this new exercise machine, do these easy moves and in 20 minutes, 3 times a week you will have a six pack to die for. If only it could be so easy! You would be surprised how many people have bought 5 or more of these very expensive products. I would bet that they are now collecting dust in their basements or garages.

When looking for supplements for fast diets or exercise equipment, just remember to do your homework. There are some great products and diet plans out there. They are just hidden behind the popular, and sometimes very expensive, well advertised products that might not be suited for you. It is important to remember that as long as you do the work, and yes losing weight is work, you can succeed. If you want to lose the weight and get toned and become healthy, you will need to do the work. Going on one of the popular fast diets is great as long as you put in the work to also keep the weight off, once you lose it.