Northeast China

Northeast China is rich in minerals and the amazing beauty of the local land. For centuries these lands were inhabited by hardy tribes, among them: kitana, the Jurchen (Manchu) and the Mongols.

Three North-Eastern province of Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang — industrialized Chinese regions. Here there are many volcanic lakes, the jagged boundary lines and mountains.

The Imperial Palace in Liaoning province in Shenyang (Mukden) confirms the glorious past of the Manchu Qing dynasty. Many monuments of Russian architecture stores the port city of Dalian (distant), which overtakes the entire province in economic development.

The power capital of the puppet Manchukuo (1933-1945.) — Changchun (Xinjiang), now it is the main city of Jilin province — the center of the automotive industry, and the fame of Heilongjiang province brought Ice festival in Harbin.

The area of the provinces of Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang, which are located from Shanhaiguan is the point where the ends of the Great wall of China near the Yellow sea to the Siberian border in the North is 800-000 km2, which is larger than the area of Portugal and Spain. There is a population of over 100 million people.

The landscape in the provinces varied: from seaside ports to a deserted forest and mountain vistas.

These lands were once a part of Manchuria, and the Manchu masters Palace in Shenyang underlines their former power. In Dalian excellent sandy beaches and picturesque coast.

In this area there is only one ice-free port, which repeatedly fired the expansionist appetites of Russia and Japan, which were seized in the period 1895-1955.

The testimony of Japanese imperialist ambitions, is stored in the capital gyrina to Changchun, where the last Emperor of China PU Yi of the rules of the puppet Manchukuo.

In the kitchen, and architecture of Harbin Russians felt motifs.

The city of Dandong, located near the border with North Korea, demonstrates a Korean influence. Near the border there is a nature reserve Changbaishan, where you can go to amazing climbing the mountains.

Located on these lands volcanic Tianchi lake is the deepest in China.

Among the natural attractions of the area is a volcanic lake Rinpoche, Udalenii and Heilongjiang, the valley Binjai in Liaoning with intricate peaks and a large bird sanctuary, which is located in the natural reserve of the booming tourist.

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