New Zealand Lake Pukaki

Post is being written after the fact. We have here in Australia (August 2014) last days «live» winter. The day after tomorrow in my legal rights come spring.

Sat here the other day to talk, where would we go for the coming new year holidays. The Theme as usual will be the mandatory vacation, this time 2 weeks. Immediately my first thought was about our adored New Zealand .

NEW ZEALAND — Our journey — the Blog‘s Main Theme

To go to the Country kiwi from Melbourne just three hours, Nikita is already more than 5 months, it would be convenient and very nice to spend the holidays with him.

But alas… the price Tags on the tickets during the Christmas and New year (it is understandable) is far from the usual us prices, we are spoiled by cheap flights to the Country of the white cloud. And in advance we of course did not care, until then.

I think more where to go. With cruise ship too along the way «flew», because as it turned out, he is too «young» the passenger for them.

So, about New Zealand — in General, to visit us in her beloved again and again definitely, but not this Christmas vacation. And still very pleasant memories came flooding back…

Hence this impulse to tell the untold stories of our past great trips-journeys in this uniquely fabulous and very beautiful country.

The displays will focus on the Pukaki lake (Lake Pukaki) — about him we have already narrated in a previous notes, when travelled by car through the picturesque open spaces of new Zealand’s South island together with our twin Sonja, Alex and Kirenya two years ago in 2011, and also in the month of August.

For the first time in my life seeing these colorful lakes like Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki — impressed to the core!

The color of the water in these lakes is so unusual that even pervosti not believe my eyes that this could be a reality.

Lake Tekapo in color its very bright and pale blue, like blue blue!

During two journeys on the new Zealand South island we had a chance to look at-to admire this lake from different perspectives and under different weather conditions.

Sure if we were there again on the South island — without hesitation again I would go to the other side, again and again to see and witness all this natural beauty.

Lake Pukaki is different from its neighbor lake Tekapo.

In Pukaki the water «milk», as if in thick rich milk added a generous helping of blue.

Because in our plans again and again was part of the national Park mount cook (Mount Cook National Park) . namely — Hiking the Hooker Valley track ( will talk about it later, we insanely! liked it ), then of course we have again and again passed by these two beautiful lakes. And spent the night there — in the town of Glentanner . on the shore of the still lake Pukaki.

On the third day of our travels in New Zealand we still said goodbye and snowy mountain tops national Park and mount cook from Glentanner and went to the car on — to Wanaka (Wanaka) . where he planned to spend the main holidays, skiing giornaliero center Treble Cone .

Part of the way lay along the shores of lake Pukaki . Despite the cloudy weather and low-hanging clouds heavy cotton yet the lake looked very beautiful — no bad weather, probably ruining its picturesque expanse of whitish-blue waters of the milk.

We often stopped along the way (where possible along the road), out of the car to once again enjoy the opening before our eyes the scenery of lake Pukaki.

Reviewing now a year later, the photos were taken there, heart involuntarily shrinks and just immediately jumped in the plane and rushed over there — in the country dream — New Zealand…

Here we have here is mega nice nostalgia…

All the best!

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