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Volcanoes for many of the uninitiated seem to be something fantastic and inconceivably terrible. In order to get a better idea about these objects we quote the interesting facts about volcanoes.

Only volcanic stone floating on the water’s surface is volcanic pumice. It is characterized by grey color, this stone is riddled with hollow holes formed during the cooling of the stone. This process was accompanied by the release of gases that are formed holes.

volcanic pumice, Interesting facts about volcanoes

The eruption of huge volcanoes, supervolcanoes called, often cause dire consequences. It is fire and rain, shed for miles around the volcano itself, and global climate change caused by ingress of ash into the atmosphere. Fortunately, these volcanoes erupt on the average several times in 100,000 years. One of them, located on the territory of Yellowstone national Park, scientists say that, in all likelihood, ready for another eruption.

the eruption of a SUPERVOLCANO,

The largest of the observed eruptions is considered to be the activity of the volcano of Tambora on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. The eruption killed 100,000 people. According to researchers in Indonesia is home to the largest number of historically active Continue reading

Freshwater fishing in East Africa

Victoria, Victoria Nyanza, Ukereoue — a lake in East Africa, located in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. The lake lies at an altitude of 1134 meters above sea level. It is the second largest freshwater lake in the world after lake superior, the largest lake of Africa.

The lake was discovered in 1858 by Explorer John Henning Speke and was named after British Queen Victoria.

The lake area is 68 thousand sq. km, length from North to South-320 km, the greatest width from West to East — 275 km, Maximum depth — 80 m.

In lake Victoria empties into abundant river Kagera (considered to be the source of the Nile), and flows the Victoria Nile. The lake is navigable, the locals are engaged in fishing. North shore crosses the equator.

The main commercial fish, the dream of fishermen and the main predator of the lake is the Nile perch. The weight of individual instances of up to 140 kg and above, up to 1.5 meters. Lake Victoria — the perfect habitat for this fish. The perch is held mainly in areas with slow flows, shallow depths and in the backwaters, overgrown plants.

Victoria — a lake in East Africa, in Tanzania,Kenya Continue reading

Spotted lake Kliluk in Canada
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the Main water resource is.
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