Lake Balaton

Balaton, or as it is called in Hungary. «Hungarian sea” — the largest lake in Central Europe. Located on the Pannonian plain in the valley, stretched along the South-Eastern foot of the mountains of Bakony, about 80 kilometers southwest of Budapest, this lake is of tectonic origin, although a tectonic lakes like Baikal, usually reaches a great depth, among them the occasional and quite shallow. These include Balaton, whose maximum depth is about 12 meters, and at the narrowest point, where the shore of the lake converge at a distance of only 1.5 kilometers.

Active volcanoes in the vicinity of lake Balaton there, as anywhere in Central Europe, but preserved evidence of a turbulent geological past of the region. Along the Northern coast is dominated by the number of extinct and already heavily destroyed by the volcanic cones, and on the Tihany Peninsula there are more than one hundred and sinter cones — traces of geysers, which had operated here once. Up to the present time on the North shore of the lake a lot of hot, highly mineralized sources, are widely known for its healing properties.


The predominant color of the water in lake Balaton, Hungary — a light green, but depending on weather and time of day it is changing. But in the winter and summer «Hungarian sea” is unique.

The southern coast is flat, gradually rises from the water surface. Slowly increasing here and the depth of the reservoir: at a distance of 200-300 meters from the shore she is only 1.5 meters. North beach is much more picturesque — its elevation vary the cones of extinct volcanoes. The most steep and high South-Western shore of the famous lake.

The water in the lake Balaton clean, but opaque due to the abundance of plankton. The content of magnesium, iodine and lime significantly exceeds the average level. This so-called “healthy water”, has the ability to clean and contains a lot of oxygen.

The bottom of the lake almost the entire length of the sandy and smooth. Due to the small depth of water is warmed — in summer its average temperature is around 22°C. the number of Sunny days, warm water, mild climate and developed infrastructure make Balaton an exceptionally favorable place for tourism. On the coast of the lake there are numerous areas for summer recreation and swimming. North coast for over 80 kilometres literally studded with modern resorts, and it is often compared to the Italian Riviera or the Eastern coast of the Adriatic sea. Here is the old lakeside town of Keszthely.

The international prestige of the Balaton resorts are extremely high, and primarily due to the efforts that Hungary has put forth for the preservation of the purity of the waters of the lake and the surrounding landscapes. And it’s not just — on weekends the shores of lake Balaton visits to a million people!


In the lake Balaton into a few small rivers. The largest of them — the Hall. «Hungarian sea” has a natural flow and is connected with the Danube river Shio, which is derived from the North-Eastern part of the lake. The channel of the river for many decades ago turned into a ship canal with sluices.

Famous Balaton and its fish stocks. Coastal people have long been engaged in fishing. On the lake built many fisheries, where each year are released into the lake hundreds of millions of walleye fry and carp. Zander — the Hungarians call it “fogas”, or “king of lake Balaton”, is especially highly regarded. This fish is also a kind of indicator of the purity of the lake water — even with a slight industrial pollution «fogas” dies.

North of lake Balaton in the Bakony mountains lies a national Park Pribaltiiskoi hill. It is a mountainous area with volcanic landscape, which features extinct volcanoes, “asleep” geysers, fancy frozen outputs of lava. And reed marshes of the South coast — the favorite habitat of waterfowl. The surrounding forests are inhabited by deer, ROE deer here and wild boar, along the banks of rivers live otters.

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