Journey to the Altai mountains

Horses and other animals love since childhood with feelings for a wonderful place – the Altai could not be determined until there has not visited. In fact, immersion in the wilderness of this land was invigorating, like the icy water of the local rivers.

Travel on mountain Altai is already started when I came across a website, calling to make a tour along the unknown paths of the Altai.

Base, where we waited for the conductor, was located near the village of Chemal known fact that there is a hydroelectric power station, about an hour away — famous Teletska lakes, and even some caves nearby.

All these attractions our guide refused, saying that we will see “real” forest. And riding horses, consisting of three people we went to see taiga.

Get used to spend in the saddle for 6-7 hours a day would be difficult, if you are certainly not riding instructor. The habit of dashing to jump in the saddle I have developed only toward the end of the trip, but the first commandment of the conductor – “trust the horse”, I learned immediately. Because it is impossible to walk between huge boulders to climb on wet, slippery trail and down a steep slope, if you rely only on your instincts.

Gorge, first opened the way from the base, apparently, was created to ensure that tourists fainted from the spectacular views. At least the name and kind match feel: dry, oddly tilted to one side the trees, visible from afar, hidden in the fog below the mountains and snake river.

The gorge of the Spirits we did not stay long and descended into the valley, where he stopped for the night.

Further, passing a couple of hills, we were in the woods, absolutely fabulous, like I could see, probably only in the movie Lord of the rings — the mighty roots protruding from the ground, appearing out of nowhere streams, strange plant, with green-red leaves growing everywhere.

Coming out of the woods, we realized that we are completely open to a huge clearing where could be seen some buildings – the remains of an abandoned base, as it turned out. In a place with a wonderful name “Cazilhac” (“red currant”) a stunning view of the mountains and bright sunsets in these places is very short.

Traveling to the Altai mountains, we realized that this place could be called solid edge contrasts. For example, the famous lake Manas, which we were lucky enough to visit.

The lake is revered, and the Altai people consider it their ancestral home. Located at the highest peak of this area – Musk deer, it combines opposite kinds: here you and tundra vegetation and Alpine meadows, and the blue water of the lake, and rock slides, which give it a harsh look. By the way, the water is cold – in the summer barely rises above +18.

We climbed to the top of Sarhua, this mountain offers excellent views in all directions, and if you climb even higher, we’re in the area of tundra with dwarf birches and stone paths. On top of the mountain ceases to fall and this sparse vegetation, and end up on “the trout” — stone top. There we met a strange wooden construction which is dubbed “the lighthouse” may for these purposes when it was created, because along the way we ran into another “lighthouse”.

Lakes in Altai lot. In addition to these Manas were the valley of Nine Lakes, however, we counted only eight to the end of July was hot.

There were two stunning lakes that are close. One more bluish, with intense color, more – less, emerald–green. They were located as if in the crater of the most jagged mountain peaks, like rare stones, and opened to the eye unexpectedly.

During our trip to the Altai mountains, we stopped in the friendly maralnik is a farm that raises deer (local deer), which was engaged in the production of antler (deer antler) all sorts of useful tinctures.

Deer walk through large parts of the taiga, but in the maralnik for them provided the kind of long and meandering pen in which they come to feed, and there rid of the horns.

Altai amazing in the sense that to put on the doorstep of strangers and greet them as friends – in the order of things. And a principle “you – me, I – you” is best. What would hunting and other Parking lot we went, the owners drown bath (if it is available, but we were lucky to wash almost every day) and share what we have. It is quite natural that the guests and leave something: matches, food, cigarettes. Alone in the forest would not last long.

This region will appeal to all: such a diversity of interests and goals among the tourists I have not seen anywhere else. In the gorge of the Mountain Spirits are fans of shamans, Buddhists and other “enlightened”. According to rumors, in the Altai stormy rivers well caught grayling, that’s why immediately after our return another conductor took the “fishing” tour. There were photographers trying to fit on a horse, in addition to bulk bags of supplies and equipment, tripods. Space this region is huge – a place for everyone.

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