Ice field of the TRANS-ili Alatau

First, Sergei Ivanovich turned to the zone, where cloudiness was less often, and could pass through the passes:

Morena – this geological formation, which appears as a result of glacial deposits. It is a heterogeneous mixture – from the huge boulders of several hundred meters in diameter to clay material, formed by grinding of rocks during the movement of the glacier. Overall, this is a kind of porous structure of heaps of fragments of rocks, cemented with ice. A kind of “sponge” in the highlands, which absorbs water.

The glaciers, as if glued to the rock as a result of year-round low temperatures. Some ice masses that hang over the cliffs, almost vertically.

Here are lakes and represent the main danger. In the case of overflow water can melt gluing the rock crystal ice and to find a channel, into which falls the entire volume of the natural reservoir. Something similar happened the other day in the basin of Karga linka . Interestingly, the water of this lake out for a few hours. Himself mudflow is formed not immediately, but somewhere in the middle of the river where there are steep banks, soft pebble rock and forest. SEL wind like a snowball on new volumes. So when it comes to inhabited places, its weight is several tens of times higher than the original one.

What happened in the pool of Karga linka? Here’s how it explains Murat Kasenov :

— there was an evacuation of a small moraine lake no room under the glacier Kargalinskiy. The water went on vnutrimatern channels, as a result of thermokarst processes which began amid high summer temperatures. The volume of the lake was about 40 thousand cubic meters. Water from the lake went in, initially the flow was about 5 cubic meters, a debris flow formed somewhere in the middle part of the basin due to the fact that beginning to erode its channel. After the dam — as it has already been deposited somewhere 150 thousand cubic meters of solid mass — SEL went as a flood. There are high slopes of the gorge, and formed the secondary mudflow, because the water flow was decent. There the houses are built close to the riverbed, in the water protection zone. Because of this, began flooding, congestion and get what we are now seeing.

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