Health Resorts of Karelia

Than are treated here. Chemical composition of groundwater of the Karelian hydrographic district is very varied: salinity, presents from ultrafresh water (less than 100 mg/l) to brackish (1000 mg/l).

On the territory of the Kondopoga district, 54 km North of Petrozavodsk is the first Russian resort of Mar special water, founded by Peter I in 1719 on the base of chalybeate springs.

Peter I repeatedly came to be treated at the resort with his family and court nobility. Time to the first arrival of the king were built three wooden Palace (hence the original name of the village — Palaces) for the Royal family and a large building with 20 rooms and the earthen hall, connected with springs. Since glandular sources are called “Marcial waters” in honor of Mars — God of war and iron.

Climate. The climate of Karelia is Central to the influence of Arctic and North Atlantic. Constant (over two-thirds of the year), the movement of masses of air in the direction “West — East”, large clouds, high humidity (average 80%) characterize the climate as cold temperate, transitional from Maritime to continental. The average temperature of the coldest months up to -13°C,
summer (usually July) is +13°C.

Water resources. In Karelia more than 60 thousand lakes and 27 thousand rivers. Lake-river system of the Republic is one of the most unique in the world. This ratio of land and water surfaces nowhere else. Feature deep lakes of the Karelian — low the temperature of water in the bottom layers throughout the year. Well-known lakes — Ladoga and Onega, the largest rivers are Vodla, Vyg, Kovda, Kem, Suna, Shuya. The harsh White sea — the only inland sea of Russia.

For traveler

The Republic of Karelia is one of the most famous Russian territories in international tourism due to the presence of unique architectural, cultural and historical sites on the Islands of Kizhi, Valaam and located near the administrative border of Karelia Solovki Islands. They are included in the list of monuments of world cultural heritage by UNESCO and is a national treasure of Russia. Historical and cultural peculiarity of Karelia, which distinguishes it from other territories of Russia, is also determined by the four cultural heritage of indigenous peoples, historically living in this region — Karelians, Finns, Veps, Russian, created during ten centuries of living together a unique and original culture.

Karelia is the birthplace of Karelian-Finnish epos “Kalevala” (literary monument of world significance), the birthplace of the fleece-pejcev and epic storytellers. More than five thousand years old petroglyphs — extant petroglyphs, carved by the hand of ancient man. It is a symbolic character representing one of the first examples of ancient writing and culture.

In the waters of lake Onega annually at the end of July the largest in Russia Onego regatta of cruiser yachts — a national championship in sailing.

Great popular routes “Kizhi necklace” — on Zaonezhie Peninsula and adjacent Islands, “Valaam the pearl of Ladoga” — the Islands of the Valaam archipelago, “the Devil’s deal” — at the white sea petroglyphs. In recent years, opened an interesting ecological tours, environmental tours are conducted in national parks “Vodlozersky” and “paanajärvi” and the reserve “Kostomukshsky”. Operates a route from Kem to the Solovetsky Islands. Very popular among tourists for water sports routes in Karelian rivers — Shuya, Chirka-Kem, onda, the Vodla, kereti, Ohta and many others. Almost a million hectares of land, or more than 5% of the total area of the Republic are protected areas: national parks “Paanajarvi” and “Vodlozersky” and “Kalevalsky”, nature Park “Valaam archipelago”, preserves “Kivach” and “Kostomuksha”.

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