“From Poland to Slovakia”

we Offer mountain trekking in the Tatras is a beautiful mountain and the most comprehensive route through the most beautiful mountains in Poland and Slovakia, passing through the picturesque mountain spurs and valleys of the Western and High Tatras.

This is a very beautiful Alpine mountains with a pronounced Alpine terrain, very picturesque rocky spurs and peaks, beautiful glacial lakes and powerful waterfalls.

An unforgettable experience on a beautiful route:

Throughout the tracking the most beautiful and high mountain trails, passing through all major areas of the mountain range Tatras, Western Tatras, High Tatras.

The highest peaks and most beautiful mountain lake surrounded by rocky mountain spurs!

Passing through the most beautiful trails and along the main ridge of the Tatras, the highest peaks

– Rysy peak (Rysy, 2499m)

– G. gerlachovský (Gerlahovsky shtit, 2654m)

– G. Lomnicky Stit (Lomnicky sstit, 2633m)

The most beautiful mountain valleys with their unforgettable beauty of nature!

– Koscieliska valley – one of the most beautiful and picturesque valleys, in which there are four of five caves of the Tatra mountains.

Valley Quick – mount Giewont (Giewont, 1894 m), Chamois of the rock, monastery of Albertina

– Hanseniasevalley with the beginning of the steep mountain trails of “Orla Perc”

– The valley of Five Polish Stavy is a beautiful valley with a waterfall Siklawa and cascade lakes in the upper reaches of Shoots, Black lake(Czarny staw), “Large, Small and Lower lakes”(Wielki, Maly, Przedni stawy), located at altitudes of about 1500m.

– Fish stream valley with the peak of Rysy (Rysy, 2499m) and most beautiful lake “Sea eye” (Morskie Oko), and “Black lake under the Rysy” (Czarny Staw pod Rysami), located at altitudes of about 1600m at the foot of Rysy p. in the valley

“The Way Of The Eagle” (Orla Perc)

The high, steep and spectacular mountain trail in the High Tatras, runs right along the ridge with a Grand breathtaking panoramic views from the heights of a mountain lake, the surrounding peaks and rocky peaks.


– cave “Brosna” (Jaskinia Mrozna)

– caves “Raptivity” (Raptawicka), “Soap” (Mylna) is one of the most interesting in the Tatras.

A visit to Zakopane

And finally – on the memory card you passed the route with the seals Chronicles (mountain shelters)

Hike in the Tatras the best organized and comfortable way, with the passage of all the most impressive, beautiful and scenic mountain beauty, with constant overnight stays in mountain huts (schronisko), with multiple radial outputs light in the beginning of the route and a beautiful extended linear route in the end.

The trekking route in Tatras is suitable for everyone, having problems with health, mountain Hiking experience is not required but appreciated.

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