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Volcanoes for many of the uninitiated seem to be something fantastic and inconceivably terrible. In order to get a better idea about these objects we quote the interesting facts about volcanoes.

Only volcanic stone floating on the water’s surface is volcanic pumice. It is characterized by grey color, this stone is riddled with hollow holes formed during the cooling of the stone. This process was accompanied by the release of gases that are formed holes.

volcanic pumice, Interesting facts about volcanoes

The eruption of huge volcanoes, supervolcanoes called, often cause dire consequences. It is fire and rain, shed for miles around the volcano itself, and global climate change caused by ingress of ash into the atmosphere. Fortunately, these volcanoes erupt on the average several times in 100,000 years. One of them, located on the territory of Yellowstone national Park, scientists say that, in all likelihood, ready for another eruption.

the eruption of a SUPERVOLCANO,

The largest of the observed eruptions is considered to be the activity of the volcano of Tambora on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. The eruption killed 100,000 people. According to researchers in Indonesia is home to the largest number of historically active volcanoes. A total of 76.

the volcano Tambor,

Most volcanoes appear on the borders of tectonic plates that form the earth’s surface. Other volcanoes, for example, Yellowstone, are other “hot spots” erupting from the depths of the earth’s magma.


Iceland, also called the land of fire and ice, endowed by nature with the greatest number of volcanoes in the region, called “sredneohtinsky Atlantic ridge”. Rocked many of the recent eruption Eyjafjallajokull immeasurably weaker explosion of Scepter, which inflicted terrible damage to the food supplies of the island and caused famine, resulting in the deaths of twenty percent of the population.

the eyjafjallajokull volcano,

Citing interesting facts about volcanoes we can not talk about the grave consequences of what happened in 1991 in the Philippines the eruption of mount Pinatubo. Following the release of a volcano into the atmosphere 22 million tons of sulfur compounds, the temperature decreased by 0.5 degrees.

The mount Pinatubo, interesting facts about volcanoes

Interesting the ability of volcanoes to growth – accumulated lava and ash build up its height.

Extinct volcanoes are called in when scientists believe that their eruptions will be no more. About the volcanoes calmed down during the activity say they are dormant.

the extinct volcano,

If in the process of eruption, collapse of a wall holding back lava, there is a huge crater, called a Caldera.

the crater of the volcano,

Kelimutu volcano, located in Indonesia, is at the top of an unusual three lakes. The water in each of them periodically acquires different colors – turquoise, green, black or red. These transformations are caused by the reaction of volcanic gases entering into a chemical reaction with various minerals that are dissolved in water. This is due to the change of color lakes.

Kelimutu Volcano,

The highest volcano of the Earth is Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Its height is equal to 4 thousand meters above sea level. On this island there are five volcanoes.

The Volcano Of Mauna Loa,

When volcanic eruptions release into the atmosphere small particles of ash that are able to dissipate the sun’s rays. This gives the atmosphere of coral and orange shades and adds to the colorful sunsets.

the eruption of the volcano, photos, interesting facts about volcanoes

Most of the Islands of the Atlantic ocean was formed as a result of volcanic activity.

Islands of the Atlantic ocean, volcanoes,

Among the attractions of Lanzarote from the Canary group of Islands restaurant with the sonorous name El Diablo (Spanish translates as “devil”). The chefs of this restaurant prepare food directly over the mouth of an active volcano. Note that the temperature exceeds 400 °C.

Researchers attribute the Indonesian archipelago to the part of the earth’s crust that are in the process of formation. While some of the island gradually, or suddenly appear from the depths of the sea, at a time when others are immersed in it. This is a consequence of frequent earthquakes, the effects of a large number of active volcanoes, as well as the growth of coral reefs. Such changes require frequent amended map of Indonesia.

the Indonesian archipelago, volcanoes,

Located on the island of Kiu-Shiu in Japan volcano called ASO is the largest volcano in the world. The crater has a width of 14 kilometers, a length of 23 kilometers and a depth of 500 meters.

The volcano ASO, Japan, the island of Kiu-SIU,

The frequency of the eruptions in El Salvador the volcano of Izalco is 8 minutes. For two centuries the activity of the volcano occurred more than 12 million of its eruptions.

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