Blue lake

The geographical location of Kyiv is truly unique not only due to its green landscape, but particularly noteworthy is the presence of numerous rivers, ponds and lakes. Some of them are so close it is not difficult to reach them by public transport, and some of them be seen from the Windows of his apartment.

Blue lake Kiev is certainly one of the many attractions of the city. They deserve attention not only of Kiev but also many tourists.

They differ from each other in their size, but all are equally beautiful for its scenery, Golden beaches and each is unique.

Large lakes are located primarily on the left Bank of the Dnieper. These include such water bodies as Redkino, Tax, Nebrig, Martyshev. These lakes have a length of about one and a half kilometers, very clean, perfectly clear water. On their banks created the conditions for a good rest. They are also unique by the presence of many species of fish. The water is so clear that it is possible to admire the floating fish. Fishing enthusiasts have the opportunity to go fishing. Particular success is the ability to see a beaver.

Among the lakes the greatest beauty is the lake meadow, the banks of which impress by their greatness growing oaks and pines.

Not to mention the White lake in Obolon, Blue, the value of which is its location in the elevated
part of Kiev, Babin, situated almost in the centre of Kiev, a Diamond, or Forest, located near Troshina, Radunka, located in the Rainbow area, and, of course, the Sun and lake vyrlitsa. They are all attracted by its nature: this is the mighty oaks, majestic pines, wonderful willow. Can’t leave anyone indifferent and beautiful sandy beaches, amazingly clear water, in which you can observe the life of aquatic inhabitants.

Also equally popular ponds in Pushcha Vodytsya, all called lakes, as they are well blended into the surrounding landscape. These include Goradia and Sapsai pond . They attract tourists not just great beaches, picturesque nature, but also by the presence of modern sports grounds, which increases the popularity of these lakes.

To describe the blue lake in Kiev is endless. But no words will replace the trip, as they say better to see once than hear a hundred times! Rest on the lakes of the city will leave a lasting impression and bring a lot of unforgettable pleasure and delight that you will never forget. It is important to preserve all this beauty for future generations.

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