Black lake in Montenegro

In Montenegro a large number of lakes, but the second most popular after striking the Skadar lake, is undoubtedly the Black lake. It’s a tourist attraction, and it really deserves your attention because of its beauty and picturesqueness.

Actually, the Black lake in Montenegro consists of two separate lakes — Large and Small lakes, which are interconnected by a narrow channel. In the summer it dries up, and in the spring, when the snow descend from the surrounding mountains, the lake noticeably increased in size and turns into one.

Photo of the Black lake

Black lake is located in the Northern part of the country, on the territory of Durmitor mountain, at the altitude of 1416 meters. It is of glacial origin. The area of the lakes is not particularly high, the maximum depth of Big lake is almost 25 meters, and Small — 49 meters. Water in lakes is very pure and transparent in some places she is seen at a depth of 9-10 meters!

Two interconnected lakes form a sort of eye for what the locals call them the “eyes of the mountains”. The name Black lake probably took place from that surrounding the mountains here are thickly overgrown with pine forests and they are reflected in the water give the lake really black.

In fact, the water is emerald green due to dense greenish rocks on the bottom, which, in contact with water acquire a unique emerald tone.

This is the largest and the most famous lake from 18 available on the Durmitor. Before this lake is easily accessible by car and by foot. Because it is located just 3.5 km from the centre of žabljak.

Besides, around the lake runs a Hiking path, although in some places it is quite narrow and with a strong slope. That is why, when considering a trip here, better stock up on comfortable shoes and not spanking.

By the way, clothes. Please, if you are going on Black or any other lake in the North of the country, remember the temperature difference! The average summer temperature is about +20, and under the shade of the trees.

All Black lake can be around the perimeter of the mentioned path in just 2-3 hours, it all depends on your fitness.

On the banks of the many comfortable benches where you can sit and just enjoy the extraordinary views. But the entrance to the protected area around the lake is paid — it costs 3 euros per car to pay is not necessary.

Black lake in Montenegro is poorly heated, so even in July the water is suitable for bathing, perhaps, only tempered people, though to try, certainly can. The water temperature in the lake is always below the air temperature by 4 degrees, so looking at the surface of the water with the desire to cool off, first clearly and honestly evaluate the capabilities of your body.

Unfortunately, we cannot rent a boat and ride around the lakes, but you can entertain yourself by fishing (surcharge). By the way, about fishing, ask the Rangers what size fish you can catch, how and what quantity you then will allow to carry with you.

It may be that it will be easier to go to the nearest restaurant serving fish and soup. Another regret is added and the lack of a restaurant on the shore of the Black lake. No! Of course he was, but almost three years ago it burned down.

Now the region and national Park are waiting for an investor to build a new restaurant, because it is quite expensive pleasure, since it is necessary among other things to comply with many environmental requirements.

Directly from Black lake begins several marked Hiking routes, on the way to the lake, the road you can see a detailed map of the area. But to go on Bobotov Kuk — the highest peak of Durmitor, to the Ice cave or just for a walk through the National Park just not worth it without a guide and without the necessary equipment.

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