3 Popular Diets in Hollywood

Celebrities use different weight loss approaches, from eating five times a day to allowing treats regularly to keep you motivated to eat right the rest of the time. These three popular diets from Hollywood are less strict than low carb diets.

The first diet is called the 90/10 diet. The basic idea of this diet is to eat a healthy diet 90% of the time and enjoy “fun food” 10% of the time. The challenging part of this diet is working your fun foods into your daily calorie allotment. For example, if you are on the 1,600 calorie plan, 260 calories from a cookie leaves you with 1,340 calories to utilize for the rest of the day. During this program you have to become accustomed to monitoring your food or calorie intake.

The second popular diet is called the Best Life Diet. The author of this diet has created this in book format however to get full content you will need to pay a membership fee on a monthly basis. The book relies on you making permanent lifestyle changes. If you continue to follow the principals you will lose weight; but if you stop following the plan you will gain your weight back and possibly gain more weight than before.

The last diet featured here is called the Five Factor diet. Some celebrities well known have followed this diet too. The idea behind this diet is to eat five meals each day. The downside of this diet is it requires you to spend a lot of money buying groceries. Five meals per day can add up to a hefty bill. the plan is for five weeks only and that is if you expect to lose only 10 pounds. To lose more weight will require you to continue this program which can be pretty expensive. There are better programs available.