LAKE SVETLOYAR (Shambhala Russia) is a legendary lake located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. According to the local historian N. N. Khlopushina, the lake is of glacial-karstic origin; karst collapse that ensued as a result of a small earthquake, increased the lake depth to 25.5 m at relatively small sizes – h meters. The usual epithet, which is presented Svetloyar – “Pearl of the sky overturned in the green rim of the forest.” The surroundings of the lake are famous for their renomirani, some see in the water the reflection of the domes of the legendary Kitezh and hear the bell ringing.

The origin of the Svetloyar surrounded by a halo of legends. According to data collected by researchers Vladimir INKINEN and Valerian TURYGINA, the most ancient, pagan layer is associated with the evil goddess girl the Turk. She rode a spirited horse and would whip people for their sins, yet fell to the ground and there was a lake. The second stratum of the legend dates to the time of the invasion of Batu Khan. One of the Russian prisoners have not sustained tortures and has shown Tatars secret paths. But through the prayers of the inhabitants of Kitezh high power hid it at the bottom of the lake. The third layer of legends – the schismatic, it is the role of the Tatars is given to nikonians. The researchers often call the lake “Shambhala Russia”.

Above the lake quite often there are different TRAVELER. For example, it was reported about the flight of the UFO pink-purple hue in the shape of spinning tops, making the motion of “falling leaf” [“UFO” 1998, N 4, p. 28]. The Creator of a unique school in many respects the local history Museum of L. N. The Jebel in November 1996, saw over the lake a huge glowing scythe cross formed by two rays out from different parts of the lake. And in March 1996 on a frozen lake appeared an unusual traces: they wore smooth chain at several tens of meters with a stride length of 1.5 meters and disappeared as suddenly as it had begun. Differences and right and left leg was not. The heel of the first track was recessed deeper than the toe, and the last track was deeper sunk sock. Traces kept long until the ice has melted.

The researchers met with witnesses of bells city of Kitezh. As a rule, these people shortly before the “bells” came to live in the area Svetloyar. A typical situation is as follows: the eyewitness goes somewhere on his own business alone or with someone else when he hears the bell ringing. Moreover, the partner hears this ringing is not always. Surprised the witness begins to investigate the priesthood, what it is, and discovers that the Church bells never rang. To localize the sound source fails, although in one case the ringing was coming from the center of the lake! August 23, 1997 in 4.39 Inkin and Turygin, lying in the tent, clearly heard the blows of the hammer into the metal rail. The sound was metallic, but without resonance of the bell. He went from afar and lasted fifteen seconds.

Another mystery is brought to a passing camp researchers the unique eyewitness of the phenomenon. Arriving some years ago to live in the village of Vladimir, she was held in the afternoon by the lake and saw on the water the reflection of the Church! On the shores of Svetloyar is no Church and yet the Church a beautiful Golden hue was reflected in the lake, as if she really was standing on the shore. By the way, in that direction repeatedly observed and spans a variety of luminous formations.

Several interesting cases were told by the oldest inhabitant of the village Sofia LETUNOVSKAYA. In the early 1920-ies, when there was afterwards destroyed the chapel, she, passing by, saw a light in the window. It was late evening and the woman thought that the priest forgot to put it out. Imagine her surprise when, on opening the door, she saw that it was very dark inside. By the way, the destroyers of the chapel, she said, suffered a sad fate, as well as those who polluted the lake.

Water Svetloyar, according to local residents, still really has healing properties. Every year in January during Epiphany day here attracts thousands of people who after the ceremony of consecration of the water (lowering the triple cross in the ice water) take water for drinking (experts can’t explain the fact that this water throughout the year does not deteriorate). Daredevils for the purification of the soul thrice dipped in the icy water, and women do it in the new shirt (for the old, too many old sins). Say that after bathing in the ice-hole has no ill.

In 2003, Svetloyar has held several razvedrota regional groups of the Association “Kosmopoisk”, who mapped the area.

* * * Directions to Svetloyar: by Train or any other mode of transport to Nizhny Novgorod; from the town to the North-East by car or by bus along the road P-159 through the Side to the village of Vladimir (direction Nizhny Novgorod-Voskresenskoe, just 124 km); then walk a few kilometers on a forest road.

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